002 TV's Avery - Halloween with The Goddamn Gallows

Podcast Show Notes and Links

00:20 "Stay Away" from Ghost of the Rails - The Goddamn Gallows. Also on Spotify.

01:33 George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words on YouTube.

02:04 The song "Para Santo Domingo" is courtesy of Jimmy Fontanez / Media Right Productions.

03:00 In the background, "Hollow Wind" from The Maker - The Goddamn Gallows. Also on Spotify.

03:20 I forgot to mention Father Frank Perkovich, who performed his Polka Mass for the pope!

Here are some Wikipedia pages to get you started if you want to learn more about Lawrence Welk, Myron Floren, Francisco el Hombre and Vallenato.

04:45 YouTube video of Avery pulling teeth.

04:57 If you're not sure you'd like the music, The Anchor is open for lunch Thursday through Sunday, and I highly recommend it.

06:57 I couldn't find anything at all about Cordomi or Cordome. Anybody know anything about them?

07:00 Microvox

07:13 TV's Avery has a discontinued Roland FR-1. The current version, with the speakers, is the FR-1x.

11:51 "Ruby Soho" from ...And Out Come the Wolves - Rancid Also on Spotify.

12:10 "Forever Fades Away" from Music from Regions Beyond - Tiger Army Also on Spotify.

12:32 "The Devil's Chasing Me" from The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds of the Reverend Horton Heat - The Reverend Horton Heat Also on Spotify.

13:18 "Cain Enabler" from Goliathan - Weedeater Also on Spotify.

13:40 "Insane" from The Road to Arkham - The Arkhams. Also on Spotify.

The YouTube videos of their performance from the same night I interviewed Avery. More will be added.

14:31 "Bloodwitch" from Why Did God Create the Sawyer Family - Sawyer Family Also on Spotify.

15:10 "The Pine" from Hellbender - Dredneks Also on Spotify.

16:04 "Malefactor March" from 7 Devils - The Goddamn Gallows Also on Spotify.

19:50 The study I was referring to was something like this one.

20:20 This is the Shack Shakers album which included Joe Buck: Cockadoodledon't - The Legendary Shack Shakers. Also on Spotify.

23:10 TV's Avery on Facebook.

The Goddamn Gallows web site.

The last song is "Load Your Gunzzz" from The Maker - The Goddamn Gallows Also on Spotify.

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